Motivating Others

The lung infections forced me to take time off. When I was working people often asked, “Are you sick?” I realized that I wanted to be my own boss and control my own schedule so I could maintain my lung function and have a clean bill of health.

So, I took another calculated risk by quitting my job and opening my own personal training business. Running my own business gives me the opportunity to change people’s lives every day. I am very blessed to teach people how to lead healthy lives through fitness and positive thinking.

The most important thing that my life has taught me throughout the years of living with the good and the bad of CF, is that it’s all about my mindset. I have to be positive and treat people well. I have to focus on gratitude for my family, friends, and the people that support me.

I believe I was blessed because this disease has made me the confident, strong person I am today. So even though I’ll never run a 4-minute mile, hold my breath under water for too long, or be able to wake up and go about my day like a normal person, I know that everything I’ve accomplished is amazing and stands for something.

I’m happy about who I am and how strong I am, and I’m lucky that I can motivate people with and without CF to live healthier lives.

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